I took all of these pictures while staying at the Stonington Beach Hotel during the summer.
The hotel is now called the"Coco Reef Bermuda." It is located in Paget Parish next to Elbow Beach.

(Click on an image to see the full size picture.)


Welcome to Bermuda! Inside the Coco Reef Hotel Another view of the lobby Another view of the lobby Looking at the beach from the hotel Looking at the beach from the hotel
Looking up from the beach Looking up from the beach Looking up from the beach Looking up from the beach A beautiful view! A view of the cottage
Another beautiful sight! What a beautiful and refreshing pool! Another look at the pool Looking out from the pool balcony Looking out from the pool balcony The view through the dining room window
The view from my table Another view from my table Not only was it beautiful to look at, but it was also delicious to eat! The view from my room Another view from my room Another view from my room
Boiler reefs in the ocean Early in the morning The beautiful beach What a  gorgeous sight! Another beautiful scene! A typical day
My place in the sand A closer look The rolling waves The rolling waves at dusk More rolling waves A storm might be brewing
Keeping a watch for the storm The beginning of a serene evening Bermuda's pink sky at night In the evening Walking back to the Coco Reef after dinner I was lucky enough to catch this beautiful bird as it began its flight.
Two more birds taking flight Coming in for a landing Footprints in the sand This little creature was taking a rest. St. Paul's Church in Paget Parish Inside the park in Hamilton
Another view inside the park Beautiful foliage A stone archway in the park Another view of the archway One of many interesting chenille plants in the park A closeup of the chenille plant
I was fascinated by this plant! Here it is as it begins to bloom. Some pretty blue frangipani More frangipani A closeup of the white frangipani Yellow daffodils
One of the many beautiful hibiscus flowers A pink hibiscus A red hibiscus A very colorful plant More pretty flowers A pink lily
A bright red flower So many interesting plants! Bright flowers Popular pink oleander A closeup of the oleander How interesting!
Hot pink flowers So delicate! A yellow carnation Blue honeysuckle A closeup of a palm leaf One last look before leaving

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