Ever since I discovered the world of digital photography, I have been experimenting
with all kinds of subjects. I hope you enjoy this collection!


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This is a closeup of a carrousel ornament. A closeup of jelly beans This is a pinwheel in my backyard. I took this closeup through the blades of the pinwheel. A closeup of peppermints A closeup of strawberries
These shells were in a glass candle, and I thought they looked very interesting. This is a closeup of a tulip. It looks like a satin ribbon! Isn't it beautiful? I took this shot just as the sun was beginning to set. I thought the green and purple rays were so unique. I took this picture the morning after a blizzard on Long Island. Another view after the blizzard A flower in my backyard
This is another Rose of Sharon in my backyard. A closeup of a magnolia tree This is a closeup of a Japanese doll that I bought on my first trip to Japan. Her face is so gentle and peaceful. I thought this bucket looked very quaint and rustic. A closeup of a pink verbena flower Pretty red and white tulips
I took this picture in a dark room lit only by this solitary candle. These are spoon chrysanthemums. I thought they looked very interesting - almost like starbursts. This is a closeup of beautiful blossoms from a Kwansan Japanese Cherry tree. This is a closeup of a small wall hanging from Japan This is a closeup of a Kabuki painting that was done by one of my wonderful ESL students, Shouhei. He is a phenomenal artist! I love the sky and the clouds, and I took this picture outside my house one evening. When I printed it, the color was not good at all, but I was so surprised to see an angel in the photo! Can you see her too? She has wings and long brown hair and is looking to the right. I consider this a special photo.
This is another beautiful sunset that I stopped to admire. This a a flower called Dame's Rocket. It is a wildflower in the mustard family. This picture needs no explanation. Everyone knows who she is! This is a closeup of a flower called helichrysum, commonly known as strawflower. The bud has not even begun to open yet. I thought it was an interesting shot because the flower looks as though it is floating in midair. This is an even closer look! Can you believe it is the same flower as the original bud? This closeup of a yellow chrysanthemum looks very much like spaghetti!
A closeup of a pink rose A very familiar sight in Japan! A closeup of a pink daisy A closeup of delicious, juicy grapes I took this picture just as the sun was setting. Another view of the sun setting through the clouds
This is a view of a Japanese maple tree and a cherry tree This is a closeup of a purple and a pink gloxinia. A god in front of a Japanese maple tree protecting the garden A peaceful garden brook Another god in the garden Even frogs need to relax on a hot day!
Everyone needs a special friend. - I love monkeys, and I thought these two looked so cute together. This is a small Japanese well made out of bamboo. A closeup of another cactus plant A closeup of apples A closeup of cucumbers Colorful pink zinnia flowers!
Morning dew on green leaves A closeup of purple and white spoon chrysanthemums This is a closeup of a ceramic Sharpei dog. Doesn't it look real? A closeup of the sky at dusk A closeup of a hibiscus flower A closeup of another hibiscus flower in Bermuda
A closeup of a flower I saw in Bermuda A beautiful sky in Bermuda I took this picture at night using the night setting on the camera. I like the coloring effect it produced. This yellow bird knows how to cool off from the heat! This is a closeup of a new bud from a daisy that is growing in my garden. Here is one of those daisies in a later stage as it begins to unfold.


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