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Here is the daisy in full bloom. More daisies from my garden This is a closeup of a Black-eyed Susan flower in its budding stage. Can you see the insect trying to find the nectar on the begonia? Here is another insect on a lily bud. This is a closeup of a plant that I thought had a very interesting color combination.
This is a closeup of the inside core of a purple chrysanthemum. This is a closeup of a pink dianthus in my garden. This is a closeup of a verbena flower bud. Here is a very close shot of a purple verbena. I experimented with a new color setting on my camera. I like the soft, romantic effect that resulted. This is a closeup of a purple clematis flower immediately after a heavy rain.
This is a closeup of a Black-eyed Susan. Here is that same tiger lily from a different angle. Make a wish and blow away the dandelion petals! What a beautiful flower! This is a dragonfly resting on a lavender. Another closeup of the dragonfly
A beautiful field of colorful flowers This seagull seemed to be taking in his surroundings very carefully! A seagull getting ready to take flight Soaring freely in the sky Feeling a sense of independence This is a closeup of a Japanese fan. You can clearly see the folds in the fan.
This photo and the ones that follow are a collection of Ukiyo-e paintings by the famous Japanese painter Utamaro. These are the pages from a Japanese calendar. Ukiyo-e Ukiyo-e Ukiyo-e Ukiyo-e Ukiyo-e
Ukiyo-e I already have a picture of this doll's face in my collection, but I find it so soft and peaceful that I wanted an even closer look. Soft green chrysanthemums A closeup of leaves A solitary leaf This is one of the first leaves that I saw that began to change colors - a sure sign that Summer is over and Fall is on its way!
This is an old barn that I had seen on a trip upstate. I thought it looked interesting and quaint. A peaceful and colorful country lake Another view of the lake Another view of the lake Another view of the lake A closeup of a bright red carnation
A scenic New Hampshire church The changing colors on a New Hampshire tree A collection of gourds The beautiful colors of Fall A quiet place to enjoy nature More beautiful colors
The sun begins to set ... what is essential is invisible to the eye... I tried something different here. This has always been my favorite saying because it makes life special and meaningful if you believe that what it says is true. My flag in honor of the Marine Corps Birthday and Veteran's Day One of the last leaves of Fall I love the colors of Fall, and this was another interesting leaf that caught my attention. The early evening was very silent and still this night, and I wanted to capture that peacefulness.
A delicious fall apple A closeup of an egg The beginning of our first winter storm of the year! Brrrr!!! Christmas lights Spring doesn't want to let go! Neither do we, but winter is here to stay, at least for a while! A Christmas poinsettia plant


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