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This is a closeup of the heart of the poinsettia plant. A closeup of the poinsettia flower Another view of the poinsettia plant Nothing more needs to be said.... A Japanese tea set My wish for everyone at this Holiday Season
Basic black and white I took a picture of a fan I bought in Japan last summer, and I tried something different. Another perspective of the Japanese fan The sky looked beautiful, and I wanted to capture the colors. Basic black and white Can you tell I like candy? :-)
Mmmmm.... chocolate! One of my favorite pasttimes! A small collection of dried flowers The New Year 2004 Reading between the lines Keeping in touch...This is an old manual typewriter that I bought several years ago at a garage sale because it had such an antique look. It is actually from the 1920's.
A simple glass perfume jar A Chinese vase in triplicate Pieces of my past... I found these in a box filled with items from my childhood. A church near my house that dates back to the 18th century A closeup of a miniature rose Another rose from a different perspective
Pretty purple daisies I bought this little stuffed animal for one of my students because she loves dogs, and we both thought it was very cute. I added the biscuit because, after all, everybody needs a little snack once in a while! :-) A delicate purple carnation A cluster of daisies A single white daisy One more flower!
Sometimes not every wish comes true. Showing off my pride and my promotion! This Valentine rose has a very special meaning to me, and I will always treasure it. Another beautiful rose A bright red rose A beautiful bright daffodil
An Easter tulip A delicate tulip Roses are so beautiful and fragile! The delicate petals of a yellow peony One of the first signs of spring! A purple peony beginning to open
One more rose Another sign that spring is on its way Can you tell I love roses? A simple yet beautiful flower Father and daughter - my nephew and his little girl A pretty orange zinnia
A bright tulip A closeup of a purple calla lily Another orange zinnia Don't you agree that this tulip in bloom looks similar to a rose? Beauty can be found in even the simplest of things! This delicate little creature had stopped to take a lunch break, and so I took advantage of the opportunity to snap its photo.
A closeup of a pink mandevilla flower A beautiful red dahlia An interesting purple flower A bright lily A soft, pink tulip A closeup of an orange marigold


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