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Teamwork! A closeup of a pretty pink orchid As close to the center as you can get! Honeysuckle - A feast for any bee! Is anybody home?!? This hungry bee was anxious for some dinner! Another busy bee!
One more bee! - Doesn't he look scary!?! New beginnings... A closeup of a vibrant gaillardia I thought these garden ornaments were very unique and would provide an interesting photo. Does this picture make you smile? I hope so!:-) A special bond
A tiger lily getting ready to bloom I was very fortunate to capture a photo of this bird on the beach in Bermuda as it was beginning its flight. Two more birds taking flight I wanted to do something different with several of my favorite photos. A pink rose of sharon in my backyard Bright black-eyed susans
A budding flower in Bermuda Nothing else needs  to be said. An interesting flower Pink geraniums in a picture frame A very close look at a pretty rose Friends - old and new
Shhhh!... Please don't tell anyone that I LOVE Hello Kitty! :-) Never stop dreaming. I couldn't pass up my niece's precious expression. :-) Something a little different Flowers have a way of lifting our spirits. I captured a photo of this bee just as it began to rest on the flower.
A bright yellow sunflower Putting the pieces together A very different type of rose A pretty bouquet of mums A bright red zinnia Trying to be creative with the many Halloween decorations that are already displayed in all the stores! :-)
A delicate pink mum It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. - Kahlil Gibran A pretty yellow mum Pretty African daisy A delicate yellow rose Something for all teachers to think about
Love always has a special glow. The changing colors of Fall The road less traveled... Symbols of Autumn A special rose that means much to me A country scene
Roses are always beautiful, even when they have grown old. A different perspective From the heart Another daisy The beauty of silence.... Words from my own heart....
Happy Holidays to all! HO HO HO!!! My little niece posing for a Christmas picture with her doll ...Now more than ever.... A delicate lily A soft yellow rose


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