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Some pretty purple primroses Delicate white primroses Dreamy yellow primroses Another beautiful rose A rose with its shadow All roses are beautiful.
Simplicity Just having some fun! :-) Good friends Freedom! Pretty pink primroses A colorful variety of primroses
A dictionary from a different perspective For those who love roses... The view outside my classroom window early in the morning Special memories... A delicate rose A closeup of the previous rose
A closeup of an Asian fan A simple white lily The power of the sea... Spring trying to break out of winter... There is hope! The fragrance of flowers The simple beauty of a flower in the snow
Would you like a bite? A beautiful and peaceful garden How the world looks to a child Taking care of each other... A pretty white lily A soft mum
This bird was playing hide-and-seek with me! A pretty gold zinnia Beautiful freesia A simple daisy A vivid pink dahlia Another pretty dahlia
Pretty in purple Basic white A collection of colorful flowers A bright orange gerbera Marigolds are in bloom! Pretty in pink!
Simplicity A beautiful daisy A delicate miniature rose A pretty white rhododendron A bright sunny daisy! Pretty and delicate purple flowers
A peony in my garden ready to bloom The bud has finally opened! The peony in full bloom! A delicate purple columbine A pretty orange zinnia The lake at Old Westbury Gardens
A vibrant orange zinnia A burst of color! A pretty flower taken with my new digital camera! The bright center of a sunflower Another beautiful rose Such bright, bold colors!


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