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A bright lily! These flowers reminded me of little stars. A pretty hibiscus A beautiful pink zinnia A peaceful summer scene Pretty flowers in a planter
Something to think about... I was experimenting with the closeup feature on my new camera. This is not as sharp as I would like, but I'm still learning to use the new lens. A closeup of the fruit of the clematis flower A closeup of a young butterfly in my backyard Another young butterfly White rose-of-sharon in my backyard
Inside the rose-of-sharon A solitary daisy A delicate pink cosmos Another pretty cosmos An interesting rose I visited a Butterfly House at the nature center, and I was lucky enough to photograph this pretty butterfly and the ones in the following pictures. This one is a black swallowtail butterfly.
Another black swallowtail A Costa Rican monarch butterfly Another Costa Rican monarch butterfly One more Costa Rican monarch butterfly A giant swallowtail A pretty orange Julia butterfly
Another Julia butterfly Another Julia butterfly One more Julia butterfly A monarch butterfly Another monarch butterfly Another monarch butterfly
One more monarch butterfly A beautiful fully-opened butterfly Time to rest A pretty swallowtail Another swallowtail A colorful macaw at the nature center
The captivating eye of another macaw at the nature center! A closeup of a vulture I saw at the nature center A bud meeting the world A closeup of the stamen of a hibiscus A pretty rose begonia plant My new nephew
A colorful mum Right to the heart A touch of sunshine In the center of the mum A peaceful path in a Japanese park A row of pretty mums
Colorful Halloween corn More Halloween corn A serene spot on a Bermuda beach A different perspective of the ocean in Bermuda A beautiful stargazer lily A closer look at the stargazer lily
Something to think about... Having fun with my camera The beauty of Autumn Take time... Simplicity A beautiful rose


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