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A country scene A pretty autumn afternoon A friendly duck A quiet country path A vibrant red tree A beautiful reflection on a lake
I have no idea what kind of plant this is, but I thought it was very interesting! Taken from a moving car across the river from the skyline Never underestimate your ability... Happy Holidays to All! Another Holiday greeting! Another pretty rose
A closer look inside the rose Pretty baby daffodils Where the orchid begins Food for thought... A delicate white daisy
Do you believe in angels? Spanish pottery A gentle yellow rose Another pretty rose A vibrant flower The heart of the clematis
All alone... Simplicity A soft pink peony A field of colorful tulips A delicate closeup Ouch! Watch out for the cactus needles!
A bright orchid The eyes always tell a story... Something to think about... Enough said... Simple yet beautiful The heart of the lily
A colorful ranunculus In solitude one finds strength An elegant lily Another beautiful lily A delicate hibiscus A bright orange dahlia
Pretty purple hydrangea Soft colors An interesting quote I love roses! Words of wisdom... Pretty petals
Three friends A dramatic purple pansy An interesting flower A pretty dahlia A vivid violet Pretty pink columbine
A vibrant Asian lily I love the softness of this flower! Two lovely orchids This flower's center reminds me of a blueberry pie! A bold geranium A pretty white dahlia


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